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Cooperate with Certified Factories

There are many techniques and processes involved in producing LED products, and approved safety and effectiveness are two of your customers' top concerns.

Therefore, we only source LED products which have been tested and certified for industrial standards from qualified factories to ensure you get high-quality products.

Inspector is inspecting LED production

Production Supervision

Supervision during production prevents severe quality problems and reduces the cost of error correction in the future.

Based on specific standards of different LED products, our inspectors follow up on the production process including:

• Sample testing and confirming
• Incoming quality control
• Mass production and in-production testing

Inspector is inspecting finished LED products

Pre-Shipment Inspection

According to your requirements, we will carry out a full or random inspection to offer testing reports and guarantee the quality.

The quality, quantity, specifications, and custom packaging of all orders must be checked in this stage. We also supervise suppliers to provide specific product quality certificates for exporting.

OH'NICE is handling LED quality issues at the factories

After-Sale Follow-up

With our professional agents, there will be no situation where suppliers cannot be found when you receive defect LED products.

If there are quality issues verified, we will actively communicate with the factory to help you get a refund or exchange and protect your rights according to the contract.

Reduce Time and Cost of Sourcing LED Products in China.

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