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We Minimise Your
Risks of Sourcing in China

Trouble when sourcing LED parts and lights in China? As China has become a leading exporter with thousands of LED product suppliers, you may spend a lot of time sourcing products on Alibaba or searching Chinese LED manufacturers on Google. And you can't even identify whether the information online is true and the quality is good. Work with our professional sourcing agents and we will take away the wasted time and risk from your project.

Sourcing LED products from numerous samples

Supply Chain Resources Covering All LED Products

Various categories of parts, materials, machines, and lightings are required for LED manufacturing and wholesale business. We can help source the right products from our numerous suppliers efficiently.

By collaborating with industry associations like China Illuminating Engineering Society and China Semiconductor Industry Association, we are able to cooperate with lots of quality factories.

No matter what kind of LED products you need, our specialists can match 2-3 factories for your further selection.

Extensive LED supplier network

Supply Chain Management

To ensure our sourcing service meets your requirements of quality and efficiency, we have set up a strict supplier selection and evaluation process.

We regularly audit and update the data of total quality performance, cost, production scheduling, technique & facilities, and employee capabilities for developing new suppliers or removing unqualified factories from our supplier list.

We keep contacts with all of our suppliers to keep up with industry trends and help you get a better deal.

Benefits from Our Project Management Service

  • Efficiency Quick Sourcing

    Our increasing number of suppliers and strong connections with them ensure that we can source LED products faster than you handle it alone.

  • Precision Precise Matching

    With plentiful experience in the LED industry and communication skills, we can understand your needs accurately and help you find the right products.

  • Cost management Competitive Prices

    Working with OH'NICE, you can get more supplier resources for comparing prices and we help get a competitive agency price particularly.

Reduce Time and Cost of Sourcing LED Products in China.

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