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Factory Audit Reduces Risks

Reliable suppliers are the most basic and important element of a healthy supply chain.

Once we've agreed on the candidate factory, we will inspect the factory to eliminate potential risks of quality, operation, and dishonesty. Providing factory audit service, we help you shorten project cycles, and save travel costs at the same time.

Onsite audit photos & videos and reports are available. If you want to visit factories onsite, we will accompany you and guide you through the factory tour.

Our Comprehensive Audit Service

We set up a complete system to carry out a factory audit, or we can follow your procedures.

  • Production capability

    Production Capacity

    Matched production capacity guarantees the uninterrupted supply of LED products and the smooth running of your business. We conduct the inspection of facilities, scale of the workshop, and the team to evaluate the production efficiency.

  • Quality management

    Quality Management System

    Following the standards of ISO9000 and unique requirements the specific categories need, our auditors will inspect onsite the production process and manufacturing technique to ensure the operation and capability of potential factories can fulfill your quality needs.

  • Factory and product certification

    Factory and Product Certification

    We inspect the factory and product certifications to ensure the products from qualified factories are legal to export to your area. Specific certificate needs can be satisfied such as ETL Certification for LED products sold in North America.

  • Social responsibility

    Social Responsibility and Corporate Vision

    We certainly want to work with ethical factories but forced overtime, health & safety breaches, and even child labor still may occur. Our factory audit service helps you identify the responsible factories which own great vision, treat workers well, and create a good production environment.

Reduce Time and Cost of Sourcing LED Products in China.

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