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Rigid LED Strips Sourcing

rigid strips sourcing


Mr Kenya has an LED light factory in Russia. He was looking for custom Rigid LED strips from China since he knew China was the largest LED components market. Usually, to make a Rigid LED strip requires good cooperation among LED chips factory, LED PCB factory and SMT factory. Mr Kenya speaks Russian and knows a little English, it’s difficult for him to communicate with all those factories about the technical details.


Mr Kenya found Oh’nice through Google. We took over this project. After clarifying his specific requirements, such as luminous efficiency, PCB size and target price, etc., we made a solution for him. 


We sourced LED chips and LED PCB according to his requirements, and arranged to assemble at a professional SMT factory. Mr Kenya tested our samples, and he was satisfied with its quality. Finally, he established a long-term relationship with Oh’nice for sourcing more LED products in China.¬†

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