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LED Chips Sourcing

LED Chips


Mr Lee, an owner of a LED components distributor from Korea, was looking for a custom LED chips with Zener diode inside. He just started his business in LED industry at that time, and with only two employees in his company. Not familiar with LED markets in China, and no enough time and people to source were the biggest challenges facing that time.


We met Mr.Lee from the Canton Fair 2016. He decided to cooperate with Oh’nice ever since he knew the service we could offer. 

As soon as we received the inquiry from him, we provided similar samples to know his requirements quickly. After confirming the sample, we placed a sample order to our long-term partner, a leading LED chip manufacturer in Shenzhen. The sample we sent to Mr.Lee passed the inspection of his customer in Korea, and Mr Lee got formal orders.


We arranged a factory visiting for Mr Lee to China, and he placed a formal order to our partner. After that, Oh’nice handled all the other processes to follow up the order production and delivery. Mr Lee received goods in a short lead-time. He was delighted with Oh’nice’s service, and til now we still keep a good partnership.

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